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From Paris 1 2 3 4
 Paris Airport to Hotel Private
 Paris Airport to Station Private
 Paris Hotel to Airport Private
 Paris Hotel to Station Private
 Paris Station to Airport Private
 Paris Station to Hotel Private
 Train 1st class, Paris to Amsterdam$171.90$171.90$171.90$171.90
 Train 1st class, Paris to Avignon$195.90$195.90$195.90$195.90
 Train 1st class, Paris to Beaune$139.90$139.90$139.90$139.90
 Train 1st class, Paris to Bordeaux$135.90$135.90$135.90$135.90
 Train 1st class, Paris to Brussels$128.90$128.90$128.90$128.90
 Train 1st class, Paris to Caen$104.90$104.90$104.90$104.90
 Train 1st class, Paris to Cannes$171.90$171.90$171.90$171.90
 Train 1st class, Paris to Dijon$87.90$87.90$87.90$87.90
 Train 1st class, Paris to London$262.90$262.90$262.90$262.90
 Train 1st class, Paris to Lourdes$279.90$279.90$279.90$279.90
 Train 1st class, Paris to Lyon$128.90$128.90$128.90$128.90
 Train 1st class, Paris to Nice$219.90$219.90$219.90$219.90
 Train 2nd class, Paris to Amsterdam$99.90$99.90$99.90$99.90
 Train 2nd class, Paris to Avignon$139.90$139.90$139.90$139.90
 Train 2nd class, Paris to Beaune$95.90$95.90$95.90$95.90
 Train 2nd class, Paris to Bordeaux$100.90$100.90$100.90$100.90
 Train 2nd class, Paris to Brussels$110.90$110.90$110.90$110.90
 Train 2nd class, Paris to Caen$71.90$71.90$71.90$71.90
 Train 2nd class, Paris to Cannes$135.90$135.90$135.90$135.90
 Train 2nd class, Paris to Dijon$63.90$63.90$63.90$63.90
 Train 2nd class, Paris to London$117.90$117.90$117.90$117.90
 Train 2nd class, Paris to Lourdes$200.90$200.90$200.90$200.90
 Train 2nd class, Paris to Lyon$112.90$112.90$112.90$112.90
 Train 2nd class, Paris to Nice$162.90$162.90$162.90$162.90
From Aix En Provence 1 2 3 4
 Aix Hotel to Aix TGV Station$149.90$75.90$51.00$38.90
 Aix TGV Station to Aix Hotel$149.90$75.90$51.00$38.90
From Bordeaux 1 2 3 4
 Train 1st class, Bordeaux to Paris$135.90$135.90$135.90$135.90
 Train 2nd class, Bordeaux to Paris$100.90$100.90$100.90$100.90
From Avignon 1 2 3 4
 Avignon City Hotel to TGV Station$135.90$68.90$45.20$34.30
 Avignon TGV Station to City Hotel$135.90$68.90$45.20$34.30
 Train 1st class, Avignon to Lyon$97.90$97.90$97.90$97.90
 Train 1st class, Avignon to Nice$102.90$102.90$102.90$102.90
 Train 1st class, Avignon to Paris$195.90$195.90$195.90$195.90
 Train 2nd class, Avignon to Lyon$66.00$66.00$66.00$66.00
 Train 2nd class, Avignon to Nice$72.90$72.90$72.90$72.90
 Train 2nd class, Avignon to Paris$139.90$139.90$139.90$139.90
From Cannes 1 2 3 4
 Cannes to Nice Airport$142.90$72.10$66.90$51.00
 Cannes to Nice Port$142.90$72.10$66.90$51.00
 Cannes to Nice Train Station$177.90$89.90$84.90$63.90
 Train 1st class, Cannes to Nice$22.40$22.40$22.40$22.40
 Train 1st class, Cannes to Paris$171.90$171.90$171.90$171.90
 Train 2nd class, Cannes to Nice$17.10$17.10$17.10$17.10
 Train 2nd class, Cannes to Paris$135.90$135.90$135.90$135.90
From Nice 1 2 3 4
 Nice Airport to Cannes$142.90$72.10$66.90$51.00
 Nice Airport to Hotel $66.90$33.40$35.20$26.40
 Nice Airport to Monaco$251.90$126.90$93.90$69.90
 Nice Hotel to Airport $66.90$33.40$35.20$26.40
 Nice Hotel to Port$59.90$29.90$26.40$19.30
 Nice Hotel to Train Station$59.90$29.90$26.40$19.30
 Nice Port to Cannes$142.90$72.10$66.90$51.00
 Nice Port to Hotel$59.90$29.90$26.40$19.30
 Nice Port to Monaco$251.90$126.90$93.90$69.90
 Nice Train Station to Cannes$142.90$72.10$66.90$51.00
 Nice Train Station to Hotel$59.90$29.90$26.40$19.30
 Nice Train Station to Monaco$251.90$126.90$93.90$69.90
 Train 1st class, Nice to Avignon$102.90$102.90$102.90$102.90
 Train 1st class, Nice to Cannes$22.40$22.40$22.40$22.40
 Train 1st class, Nice to Lyon$162.90$162.90$162.90$162.90
 Train 1st class, Nice to Paris$219.90$219.90$219.90$219.90
 Train 2nd class, Nice to Avignon$72.90$72.90$72.90$72.90
 Train 2nd class, Nice to Cannes$17.10$17.10$17.10$17.10
 Train 2nd class, Nice to Lyon$132.90$132.90$132.90$132.90
 Train 2nd Class, Nice to Monaco$18.40$18.40$18.40$18.40
 Train 2nd class, Nice to Paris$162.90$162.90$162.90$162.90
From Marseille 1 2 3 4
 Marseilles Airport to Avignon City Hotel$359.90$179.90$119.90$90.90    
From Caen 1 2 3 4
 Train 1st class, Caen to Paris$104.90$104.90$104.90$104.90
 Train 2nd class, Caen to Paris$71.90$71.90$71.90$71.90
From Lourdes 1 2 3 4
 Lourdes Airport to Hotel$137.90$69.90$45.90$64.10
 Lourdes Hotel to Airport$137.90$69.90$45.90$64.10
 Lourdes Hotel to Train Station$82.90$42.10$27.50$34.90
 Lourdes Train Station to Hotel$82.90$42.10$27.50$34.90
 Train 1st class, Lourdes to Paris$279.90$279.90$279.90$279.90
 Train 2nd class, Lourdes to Paris$200.90$200.90$200.90$200.90
From Dijon 1 2 3 4
 Train 1st class, Dijon to Beaune$22.40$22.40$22.40$22.40
 Train 1st class, Dijon to Paris$87.90$87.90$87.90$87.90
 Train 2nd class, Dijon to Beaune$15.90$15.90$15.90$15.90
 Train 2nd class, Dijon to Paris$63.90$63.90$63.90$63.90
From Beaune 1 2 3 4
 Train 1st class, Beaune to Dijon$36.90$36.90$36.90$36.90
 Train 1st class, Beaune to Paris$139.90$139.90$139.90$139.90
 Train 2nd class, Beaune to Dijon$15.90$15.90$15.90$15.90
 Train 2nd class, Beaune to Paris$95.90$95.90$95.90$95.90
From Lyon 1 2 3 4
 Train 1st class, Lyon to Avignon$97.90$97.90$97.90$97.90
 Train 1st class, Lyon to Nice$162.90$162.90$162.90$162.90
 Train 1st class, Lyon to Paris$128.90$128.90$128.90$128.90
 Train 2nd class, Lyon to Avignon$66.00$66.00$66.00$66.00
 Train 2nd class, Lyon to Nice$132.90$132.90$132.90$132.90
 Train 2nd class, Lyon to Paris$112.90$112.90$112.90$112.90

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