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From Madrid 1 2 3 4
 Hotel to Madrid Airport$96.90$48.10$57.00$42.90
 Madrid Airport to Hotel$97.90$48.90$57.90$43.30
 Madrid Hotel to Station $97.90$48.90$57.90$43.30
 Madrid Station to Hotel$96.90$48.10$57.00$42.90
 Train 1st Class Madrid to Barcelona$349.90$349.90$349.90$349.90
 Train 1st Class Madrid to Cordoba$195.90$195.90$195.90$195.90
 Train 1st Class Madrid to Granada$290.90$290.90$290.90$290.90
 Train 1st Class Madrid to Malaga$256.90$256.90$256.90$256.90
 Train 1st Class Madrid to Seville$259.90$259.90$259.90$259.90
 Train 2nd Class Madrid to Barcelona$242.90$242.90$242.90$242.90
 Train 2nd Class Madrid to Cordoba$192.90$192.90$192.90$192.90
 Train 2nd Class Madrid to Granada$211.90$211.90$219.90$211.90
 Train 2nd Class Madrid to Malaga$170.90$170.90$170.90$170.90
 Train 2nd Class Madrid to Seville$171.90$171.90$171.90$171.90
From Barcelona 1 2 3 4
 Barcelona Airport to Hotel$90.90$46.30$42.90$32.10
 Barcelona Hotel to Airport$90.90$46.30$42.90$32.10
 Barcelona Hotel to Pier$90.90$46.30$42.90$32.10
 Barcelona Hotel to Station$90.90$46.30$42.90$32.10
 Barcelona Pier to Hotel$90.90$46.30$42.90$32.10
 Barcelona Station to Hotel$90.90$46.30$42.90$32.10
 Train 1st Class Barcelona to Madrid$349.90$349.90$349.90$349.90
 Train 1st Class Barcelona to Valencia$159.90$159.90$159.90$159.90
 Train 2nd Class Barcelona to Madrid$242.90$242.90$242.90$242.90
 Train 2nd Class Barcelona to Valencia$99.90$99.90$99.90$99.90
From Costa del Sol 1 2 3 4
 Banalmadena to Malaga Train Station$67.90$33.90$22.60$20.70
 Benalmadena to Malaga Airport$64.20$32.10$32.10$24.90
 Fuengirola to Malaga Airport$105.90$51.90$51.90$39.20
 Fuengirola to Malaga Train Station$90.90$45.20$30.10$28.20
 Marbella to Malaga Airport$176.90$89.90$89.90$66.00
 Marbella to Malaga Train Station$190.90$95.90$64.10$56.90
 Torremolinos to Malaga Airport$48.10$23.10$23.10$17.90
 Torremolinos to Malaga Train Station$53.90$26.00$18.50$16.70
From Seville 1 2 3 4
 Seville Airport to Hotel$71.90$35.90$49.90$37.40
 Seville Hotel to Airport$71.90$35.90$49.90$37.40
 Seville Hotel to Train Station$56.00$28.90$50.90$37.90
 Seville Train Station to Hotel$56.00$28.90$50.90$37.90
 Train 1st Class Seville to Cordoba$100.90$100.90$100.90$100.90
 Train 1st Class Seville to Madrid$259.90$259.90$259.90$259.90
 Train 2nd Class Seville to Cordoba$35.90$35.90$35.90$35.90
 Train 2nd Class Seville to Madrid$171.90$171.90$171.90$171.90
 Train 2nd Class Seville to Malaga$81.90$81.90$81.90$81.90
From Granada 1 2 3 4
 Granada Airport to Hotel$117.90$58.90$60.90$46.30
 Granada Hotel to Airport$119.90$59.90$61.90$47.00
 Granada Hotel to Train Station$110.90$55.20$51.90$39.20
 Granada Train Station to Hotel$112.90$56.00$52.40$39.90
 Train 1st Class Granada to Cordoba$113.90$113.90$113.90$113.90
 Train 1st Class Granada to Madrid$290.90$290.90$290.90$290.90
 Train 2nd Class Granada to Cordoba$80.90$80.90$80.90$80.90
 Train 2nd Class Granada to Madrid$211.90$211.90$211.90$211.90
From Cordoba 1 2 3 4
 Cordoba Hotel to Train Station$110.90$55.20$55.20$41.00
 Cordoba Train Station to Hotel$110.90$55.20$55.20$41.00
 Train 1st Class Cordoba to Granada$113.90$113.90$113.90$113.90
 Train 1st Class Cordoba to Madrid$195.90$195.90$195.90$195.90
 Train 1st Class Cordoba to Malaga$135.90$135.90$135.90$135.90
 Train 1st Class Cordoba to Seville$100.90$100.90$100.90$100.90
 Train 2nd Class Cordoba to Granada$80.90$80.90$80.90$80.90
 Train 2nd Class Cordoba to Madrid$134.90$134.90$134.90$134.90
 Train 2nd Class Cordoba to Malaga$85.90$85.90$85.90$85.90
 Train 2nd Class Cordoba to Seville$35.90$35.90$35.90$35.90
From Valencia 1 2 3 4
 Train 1st Class Valencia Barcelona$159.90$159.90$159.90$159.90
 Train 2nd Class Valencia Barcelona$99.90$99.90$99.90$99.90
 Valencia Airport to Hotel$110.90$55.20$51.90$39.20
 Valencia Hotel to Airport$110.90$55.20$51.90$39.20
 Valencia Hotel to Station$110.90$55.20$51.90$39.20
 Valencia Station to Hotel$110.90$55.20$51.90$39.20
From Malaga 1 2 3 4
 Malaga Airport to Benalmadena$64.20$32.10$32.10$24.90
 Malaga Airport to Fuengirola$105.90$51.90$51.90$39.20
 Malaga Airport to Malaga Hotel$53.90$26.90$26.90$19.60
 Malaga Airport to Marbella$176.90$89.90$89.90$66.00
 Malaga Airport to Torremolinos$48.10$23.10$23.10$17.90
 Malaga Hotel to Malaga Airport$53.90$26.90$26.90$19.60
 Malaga Hotel to Malaga Port$81.90$41.90$32.50$25.30
 Malaga Hotel to Train Station$62.20$32.00$20.70$18.90
 Malaga Port to Malaga Hotel$81.90$41.90$32.50$25.30
 Malaga Train Station to Benalmadena$67.90$33.90$22.60$20.70
 Malaga Train Station to Fuengirola$90.90$45.20$30.10$28.20
 Malaga Train Station to Hotel$62.20$32.00$20.70$18.90
 Malaga Train Station to Marbella$190.90$95.90$64.10$56.90
 Malaga Train Station to Torremolinos$53.90$26.00$18.50$16.70
 Train 1st Class Malaga to Cordoba$135.90$135.90$135.90$135.90
 Train 1st Class Malaga to Madrid$256.90$256.90$256.90$256.90
 Train 2nd Class Malaga to Cordoba$85.90$85.90$85.90$85.90
 Train 2nd Class Malaga to Madrid$170.90$170.90$170.90$170.90
 Train 2nd Class Malaga to Seville$81.90$81.90$81.90$81.90
From Santiago de Compostela 1 2 3 4
 Airport to Hotel$95.90$47.90$33.00$42.10
 Hotel to Airport$133.90$67.90$66.00$53.10
 Hotel to Train Station$102.90$51.30$33.00$45.90
 Train Station to Hotel$102.90$51.30$33.00$45.90

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