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Plurinational State of Bolivia > Details

Country Name
Plurinational State of Bolivia
Geographical Area
424,163 square miles
10,556,102 (2015 estimate)
Capital City
Language   Spanish, Quechua, Aymara, Guarani, and 33 other native languages
Religion   According to the 2001 census conducted by the Bolivian National Statistics Institute, 78% of the Bolivian population follow Roman Catholicism, while 19% follow Protestantism and 3% have different beliefs.
Government   Unitary presidential constitutional republic.
Head of Government   President Evo Morales
Embassy   Avenida Arce 2780, La Paz, Bolivia Telephone: 591-2-216-8246 After Hours Emergency Number: 591-715-33713
Visas   A valid American passport is required. U.S. citizens visiting Bolivia as tourists must obtain an entry visa. Bolivian tourist visas are valid for five years from the date of issuance and allow the bearer to enter the country three times in a year for a cumulative stay of not more than ninety days. The tourist visa currently costs $160.00 at Bolivian consulates in the United States, and $135.00 if purchased at the airport or land borders in Bolivia. Please check visa requirements online at
Health Risks   Throughout the country, both personal hygiene and sanitary practices in food handling are far below U.S. standards. Food and beverage precautions are essential. Medical care in large cities is adequate for most purposes but of varying quality.
Clothing Suggestions  
Time Zone:   BOT (UTC -4)
Banking / Exchange   Foreign currency, including traveler’s checks, can be exchanged at banks and special exchange shops in large towns.
Currency   The official currency for Bolivia is the boliviano (BOB). Notes are in denominations of Bs200, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 and coins are in denominations of Bs5, 2 and 1, and 50, 20 and 10 centavos.
Electric Current   Metric
Credit Cards / Traveler Checks  
Shopping   Cochabamba is Bolivia's biggest market town. The main market is the enormous La Cancha, which is one of the most crowded in the country.
Weights & measures  
How to shop Tax Fee  
National Airport   La Paz (LPB), Cochabamba (CBB), Puerto Suarez (PSZ)
Major Tourist Attractions   La Paz, Uyuni, Potosi.
Tipping Suggestion   When dining out, it is customary to tip 10% at restaurants. Tipping taxi drivers is not expected, but most visitors will tip bar and hotel staff and guides.
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