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Island of Delos Tour Half Day

This guided half-day excursion takes you to the sacred island of Delos. In ancient times, Delos was the center of trade, politics, and religion. It is the birthplace of Apollon and Artemis, home to the first multicultural civilization and such as the ancient market place Agora, the famous terrace f the Naxos lions, the holy lake, the ancient living quarters, and the theater, one of the most important in the East Mediterranean. You will have the chance to visit many archaeological sites as well as the museum of Delos. Don't miss a chance to climb Mount Kynthos to enjoy the view of the surrounding Cycladic islands. A culmination of Greek, Roman, and Egyptian culture, Delos offers breathtaking mosaics, the houses of Dionysus and Cleopatra, and an example of the famous Roman water systems. 

Transfers available at an additional cost.

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