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Country Name
Scotland (United Kingdom)
Geographical Area
78,772 square kilometers (30,415 square miles)
5,094,800 (Oct 2014 est)
Capital City
People   Celts, Anglo-Saxons
Language   English, Scottish Gaelic, Scots
Religion   Presbyterian Church of Scotland, other Presbyterian churches, Anglicans, Catholics
Government   Constitutional monarchy; Scotland is one of the constituent countries of the United Kingdom, the head of state is the Queen, the head of the government is the prime minister;
Scotland has been given limited self-government, whose leader is the First Minister
Head of Government   Prime Minister: Nicola Sturgeon is the curr
Embassy   The American Embassy 3 Regent Terrace Edinburgh EH7 5BW ph. [44] (0)131 556 8315 fax [44] (0)131 557 6023
Visas   Citizens of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa do not need a visa for stays in the UK up to 6 months, but they are prohibited from working. Citizens of the European Union (EU) don't need a visa to enter the country and may live and work here freely.
Health Risks   None
Clothing Suggestions   Do not forget your umbrella! In the north, temperatures can be relatively low (around 40F during summer time). Snow in winter.
Time Zone:   GMT/UTC 0 (Greenwich Mean Time (British Summer Time during daylight savings))
Banking / Exchange   Cashpoints (ATMs) are very common in Britain: most are linked to major credit cards as well as the Cirrus, Maestro and Plus cash networks.
Currency   Pound Sterling (GBP)
Electric Current   240V, 50Hz
Credit Cards / Traveler Checks   All major credit cards are accepted in hotels, restaurants and many cosmopolitan boutiques. However, they are not used as extensively as they are in the United States and Canada. Traveler’s checks are widely accepted throughout England and may be exchanged easily at almost all banks and post offices.
Shopping   In major cities, Mon-Sat 0900-1730; in London’s West End and other large shopping centers, shops stay open to 2000. Many local shops stay open to 1900 or 2000 and some even later; many of these are open on Sunday morning or all day. Larger shops will open Sun 1000-1600. Some towns and areas of cities may have early closing one day a week, usually Wednesday or Thursday.
Weights & measures   Weight: Pounds and stones - Measure: Feet and inches
How to shop Tax Fee   Non - EU visitors to Scotland can reclaim the Value Added Tax (VAT) on goods only, by using the Foreign Exchange Tax Free Shopping arrangements, at participating shops. A Tax Free Shopping form must be obtained and completed at the shop where the goods are purchased (take your passport with you) and then presented to HM Customs and Excise as you leave the UK.
National Airport   Edinburgh (EDI), Glasgow (GLA)
Major Tourist Attractions   Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Loch Ness and other lochs and castles
Tipping Suggestion   If you eat in a Scottish restaurant you should leave a tip of at least 10% unless the service was unsatisfactory. Waiting staff are often paid derisory wages on the assumption that the money will be supplemented by tips. Some restaurants include a service charge on the bill, in which case a gratuity is unnecessary. Taxi drivers expect to be tipped about 10%, especially in London. You never tip to have a pint poured in a pub. However, at swank cocktail bars a 10% tip is expected. It is customary to tip tour guides GBP 6 to 8 per person per day on multiday tours and drivers GBP 3 to 4 per person per day. The suggested tip for day tours is GBP 10 to 15 for the guide and GBP 5 for the driver.
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