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Athens and Greek Islands 2015

What a lovely trip! Athens is like an ancient New York...The people you have on the ground are wonderful.

Helena in Athens was informative and helpful. The President hotel was more than sufficient. Their roof top bar is spectacular and should be highlighted. I loved Paros and Anti-Paros. The Zefi is perfect. Staff and owners super nice. Loved the little boutique hotel. Spent lots of time exploring beaches and swimming in the Aegean. Love the beach areas, clubs, dining and shops in Naousa. Santorini - a little step closer to heaven!!! Very different, I am glad we chose Oia. My husband and I went to a couple of other towns. Thira and Fira, we saw the tours hotel and it was fine. We did a Sailing outing and it was lovely. Sofitel hotel worth every penny- would have loved to stay more then 7 hours.Staff is great even at 3:30 AM. Athens shopping was great. Loved the Acropolis{ should go in late afternoons} Athens food and wine very affordable .Paros so affordable!! Loved the upscale parts of Mykonos. Everything flowed perfectly- flights, ferries, transfers, we could not be happier?? We have only glowing remarks and feelings for Michael and Keytours Vacations. A grateful customer and traveler Kimberly

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