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Greece 2015

The trip was wonderful. We really enjoyed our time. It was well organized. It was great having someone waiting at the arrival of each city to get us to our hotels. Even with lost luggage for 24 hours by the airline it all worked out well :)

The only thing we did not like too much was arriving back to Greece our last day and staying at the same hotel in the city center for such an early flight the next morning. The Athens airport is so far from the city center that it would have been easier to stay at a hotel closer to the airport for such an early flight the last day. If we had a later flight, being back at the same hotel would have been wonderful. I realize thats all logistical and depends on when flights are coming/going. Also, wanted to thank you for always responding to my inquires and emails timely with any questions I had prior to our trip. It was our first time to Europe and everything provided in the documents helped us out with what we needed to bring along. Warm Regards, Jeannette

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