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Ireland 2015

We had a wonderful time, no problems what so ever. I am ready to rent a home and spend a little more time there.

The accommodations were located conveniently located and most were quite charming. The only recommendation I would make is to make sure the actual address is on the vouchers. We had trouble finding a couple of the hotels. Our grandson loved the castles and ruins, and he is sure he saw a ghost in Fitzpatrick Castle. The itinerary suggested for sightseeing in each area was very helpful. I did most of the driving and was very glad you recommended an automatic rather than standard shift. I would not have thought about having to shift on the left hand side! Most of the time I felt like I needed to have both hands on the steering wheel. No mishaps but wow the roads in the country side are narrow with blind curves, no place to pull over and they drive fast. It was in the news that they want to raise the speed limit in the country side. Hope to see you soon. Judy

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