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Italy 2015

Yes Key Tours was fantastic.

Yes Key Tours was fantastic. I am living in South Africa and I am a frequent traveller. I made all the arrangements by email but it felt like the travel expert was next door. I dealt with Mr Michael Humphries and he is probably 1 of the most professional people I have ever met. No matter how difficult our demands he was always prepared to assist and advice if humanly possible. He was consistently friendly and went out of his way to provide us with all our requests. Michael is not only a Personalized Travel Expert , he was much much more. As time went by I learned to trust him and his suggestions were spot-on, he basically became a friend due to the personal attention we received throughout the booking process. Our tour started in Venice and ended in Rome after 12 days. It was a magical experience and every single arrangement fell into place with precise perfection! I will most definitely book through them again and can recommend Key Tours and their travel experts to anyone in the world. They made our tour a huge success. I would say they are at the top of their game!!! Rene

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