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Turkey 2015

We had a fantastic trip!! Istanbul is a great city.

We had a fantastic trip!! Istanbul is a great city. We loved the hotel, the location and the staff at the front desk. They were always very accommodating and welcoming. One gentleman in particular (I believe it is spelled Matmut?) was outstanding. When we went to Cappadocia and Ephesus he came out and welcomed us back as we were getting out of the van. He was very genuine and a great representative of the hotel and Turkey. The restaurant in the hotel was very good - it was traditional Ottoman food. The breakfast was fine. Neon Tours was extremely reliable. We loved going to the airport for the domestic flight and having someone meet you and take you to where you check in and assist with the process if needed. A friend is going to Istanbul soon but did not plan the trip. I advised her to find out if someone was meeting them as this is one of the airports you really want someone to meet you. The system of having someone in the airport and the drivers ready to be called is excellent. We went to the Turkish bath which was wonderful. I really appreciate your patience, assistance and guidance. Your suggestions are good and you always help us find a good hotel in a central location in the cities. Sincerely, Joan

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