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UK and Ireland 2015

Well we are back home and we had a wonderful trip! The weather was beautiful the whole time with the exception of one rainy morning in London.

We loved London. The driver who picked us up at Heathrow was a very nice guy and gave us some good tips for our trip. The tour was very good and gave us some ideas for our time on our own. I had asked some friends for restaurant recommendations so we had some great meals. Our train trip from London to Scotland was first class and a fantastic way to see the English countryside. Edinburgh was a favorite of mine. I loved the city! The old city with the university and the castles and charming shops and the newer city with the restaurants and Princes Park. The hotel was lovely and the concierges very helpful with restaurant recommendations and they immediately jumped in to help when our driver did not show to take us to the airport; actually took it upon themselves to initiate the call to the company listed on the voucher. They saw to it we made our airport connection on time. The driver that met us in Ireland was great too and gave us wonderful suggestions for our time there as well as restaurants to try as well as those to avoid. The Irish, particularly in Dublin, were fun loving and we heard some great music and even saw some spontaneous Irish dancing! I did book a separate tour to Belfast and the Irish countryside which I would also highly recommend to other visitors. All of our accommodations were very good. And, except for the transportation snafu in Scotland, everything went smoothly. Great trip! I would recommend it!! Thank you for your help! You really came through for me! Regards, Phyllis

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