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Doges Palace and Secret Passages Small Group Tour

Discover the Doge’s Palace in the most complete and rewarding way possible - by exploring what 99% of visitors to the Doge’s Palace never get to see. We are talking about the secret passages, the palace’s hidden labyrinth of secret meeting halls, offices, torture chambers and top-security prison cells. By exploring the secret passages, you will get away from the crowds elsewhere in the Doge’s Palace and walk in the footsteps of Venice’s most colorful characters, such as Casanova, the legendary brigand. Against all odds, he was able to escape his cell here in the palace, a cell you will get to see exclusively in the secret passages. Exploring the secret rooms, with their antique cabinets and creaky floors, will truly make you feel as if you’ve stepped back in time. You will also discover the rest of the Doge’s Palace, from the Doge’s own lavish apartments to the Hall of the Great Council, where the city’s all-important general assembly made decisions. Admire the beautiful and dramatic paintings by Veronese and Tintoretto and explore the magnificent halls that demonstrate the prestige of the Most Serene Venetian Republic. What the Vatican is to Rome, the Doge's Palace is to Venice. For 700 years, the remarkable palace has been the home of not only the Doge, but of Venice’s independent government, courts, and even prisons. At the end of your Doge’s Palace tour, you will receive a comprehensive introduction of St. Mark’s Basilica and Skip-the-Line tickets to explore the basilica on your own. 


  • Special access to the secret passages of the Doge's Palace
  • Guided visit of Casanova's prison cell, the torture chamber, the secret archives and more
  • English-speaking guide included
  • Tickets to the Doge's Palace included
  • Skip-the-Line tickets to St. Mark's Basilica included
  • Group limited to 12 people

Note: Children under the age of 6 are not allowed inside the secret passages.

Price per person

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