About Keytours Vacations

Keytours Vacations is a global tour operator that provides travel services to destinations worldwide.

Keytours Vacations is a global tour operator that offers personalized travel services to destinations all around the world. We were founded in 1992 in Fairfax, VA, and remain a privately held company with a strong focus on travel to Europe, the Mediterranean region, North Africa, South and Southern Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Oceania. Our team of diverse and experienced travel experts are passionate about creating tailor-made vacations that expose our clients to new cultures and lifestyles.

At Keytours Vacations, we serve travelers from all over the world, providing a wide variety of itineraries that range from independent vacation packages to group tours and luxury getaways. We offer travel to over 70 different destinations and work directly with foreign suppliers to ensure the best value and most accurate pricing.

We specialize in crafting innovative itineraries that are individualized to satisfy your wanderlust and provide a one-of-a-kind vacation experience. Our itineraries include unique activities and local experiences, ranging from panoramic city tours to authentic, local interactions that create lifetime memories and allow for pure self-expression.

When it comes to accommodations, we offer a range of handpicked options including hotels, lodges, luxury camps, and boutiques. Our properties balance location with modern comforts and local culture to enhance your stay.

At Keytours Vacations, we make transportation worry-free by providing fully personalized and private transportation for every excursion, including VIP elite rentals so you can travel in style.

We are committed to providing premier travel arrangements coupled with outstanding service. Our booking agents work one-on-one with clients or directly with your travel agent to create the personalized travel experiences of your dreams.