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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


All rates are in US dollars (USD) and include all taxes applicable as of October 1, 2019. Rates are based on current market value and exchange rates at the time of preparation of these travel programs and are subject to change with or without prior notification. All rates are confirmed after full payment. 

Keytours Vacations Trip Reassurance for new bookings from August 1st – May 31st, 2021

  • No risk $100 deposit for land services only
  • Flexible Change Options with no amendment fees charged
  • Airfare and non-refundable hotel conditions apply.
  • Full payment must be received 30 days prior to departure

*Above special conditions apply for all new bookings made by May 31st, 2021 and supersede our standard terms and conditions below.


All travel arrangements and reservations should be made no later than 45 days prior to departure. Later bookings must be approved in advance. All departures are guaranteed after written confirmation from Key Tours. 

Deposit and Final Payment

1. A deposit of $100 for land services per person plus 100% of the airfare (which is non-refundable) is needed to hold a reservation. This deposit forms part of your final payment due 30 days prior to departure. If the balance is not received 20 days prior to departure, the land portion of your booking is canceled automatically. Bookings made within 30 days of departure must be paid in full at the time of booking.

2. Credit cards will be accepted only for payments of $500 or more. Participants waive any charge-back rights and, in the event of a dispute, requests for a refund must be made using the procedures described herein.

Travel Documents
Travel documents will be sent to you approximately 21 days prior to your departure.  Late bookings and travel revisions can affect this timeline. 

E-documents are free of charge. If a hard copy of the travel documents is requested, the following shipping fees will apply for the first set of documents per booking:21

Shipping Preference Applicable Shipping Charges
 Ground 3 to 5 Business Day $12
Priority 1 to 2 Business Day $30
Priority International  $50

For each additional set of documents, a $10 fee in addition to the above-mentioned shipping fees will apply.

Notice of cancellation must be made in writing directly to Key Tours International. The following scale of charges will apply when notice occurs within 30 days of service start.

The cost of all Travel protection plan, (including part of promotion) airfare and airport taxes are non-refundable.

Number of Days Before Departure Charges as a percentage of the total service price
30 - 14 days prior 40%
13 - 3 days prior 70%
Later Cancellations and No Shows 100%

Cruise Cancellations
Notice of cancellation must be made in writing directly to Key Tours International. A $250 fee per person will be charged for all cancellations. Additionally, the following scale of charges will apply when notice occurs within 120 days of service start.

Number of Days Before Departure Charges as a percentage of total service price
120 - 90 days 20%
89 - 60 days 40%
59 – 30 days prior 60%
29 - 15 days prior 80%
14 - 3 day prior 90%
Later Cancellations and No Shows 100%

Villa Cancellations
Notice of cancellation must be made in writing directly to Key Tours International. A $150 fee per person will be charged for all cancellations. Additionally, the following scale of charges will apply when notice occurs within 60 days of service start.

Number of Days Before Departure

Charges as a percentage of the total service price

Before 60 days prior 20%
59 - 30 days prior 40%
29 - 15 days prior 75%
14 - 1 day prior 90%
Later Cancellations and No Shows 100%


Tailor-Made Individual Arrangements

Individuals are responsible for all cancellation penalties applying to “land only” tours plus the penalties applicable to the special airfare included in your tour. Please speak with your travel agent for details.

All requests for refunds must be made in writing through Key Tours Int'l within seven days after completing travel. Once travel begins, any changes made by the traveler are the responsibility of the traveler and must be paid for on the spot. Once travel has begun, no refunds can be made for unused portions of any tour or service. The cost of all airfare and airport taxes is non-refundable after a booking is confirmed with Key Tours. During Pandemic credit Vouchers will be supplied.

Revision fees

The following handling fees will be charged for any alteration or revision made to a booking. Changes that affect inventory such as air or hotel spaces may result in cancellation at the discretion of Key Tours International. Ticket change fees and cancellation fees can result and are the responsibility of the traveler.

  Individual Travel Group Travel
  City Packages, Packaged Tours
& Private Arrangement
Escorted Tours
& Cruise Arrangements
Up to 29 days prior to travel $15 per person $50 per person plus any supplier cancellation fees
Within 28-10 days prior to travel $25 per transaction plus any supplier cancellation fees $100 per person plus any supplier cancellation fees
Less than 9 days prior to travel $50 per transaction plus any supplier cancellation fees $150 per person plus 10% of tour costs and any supplier cancellation fees

Other Fees
Name changes will incur a $25 fee if a change occurs prior to the issuance of travel documents; $175 fee after documents have been issued. Late bookings (within 2 weeks of travel) will incur a $25 per person fee. Document changes required after documents have been shipped will incur a $50 fee.

Key Tours International of Fairfax, VA, USA is responsible for making arrangements for the tour/travel services offered in the attached programs to include transportation, sightseeing, and hotel accommodations. The carriers, hotels and other suppliers providing tour/travel services are independent contractors and are not agents, employees, servants, or joint venturers of Key Tours or its affiliates. Airline alternative equipment and routings are subject to change by the airline and will not result in any refunds. Flight delays and other transportation changes are unfortunate, but are an inherent risk of travel and are therefore outside the control and responsibility of Key Tours International. All certificates and other travel documents for travel services issued by Key Tours are subject to the terms and conditions specified by the supplier and to the laws of the countries in which the services are supplied. If the services included in the tour/travel cannot be supplied or if there are changes in an itinerary for reasons beyond the control of Key Tours, the company will arrange for the provision of comparable services.

Key Tours reserves the right to accept or reject any person as a tour participant, to expel any tour participant from the tour, to make changes in the itinerary or services whenever the company deems it necessary to the comfort, convenience or safety of the tour participants, and to cancel a tour at any time. If Key Tours International cancels a tour/travel services, the company has no responsibility beyond the refund of monies paid to the company by the traveler.

Travelers and Tour participant agrees that neither Key Tours International nor its affiliates shall be liable for any damage or loss including personal injury, death, property loss, delays, change in air services, sickness, strike, war, quarantine, pandemic, terrorism, bankruptcy, weather, upset, disappointment, inconvenience, or expense occasioned by any act or omission of any supplier or person providing tour services. Also, Key Tours is not responsible for a failure of clients to follow instructions given in travel documents including, but not limited to, check-in and check-out times and baggage handling, and failure to obtain required documentation such as passports, visas and health certificates where required. In the above cases, travelers will not be entitled to any refund. Only Key Tours representatives, who possess written authority to do so, may vary, add or waive any term or condition in this contract, to include terms or conditions set forth in the preceding provisions. Any legal proceedings both on behalf of or against Key Tours International must be instituted only in a federal or state court located in Virginia, and such claim will be decided using the laws of the state of Virginia. Any legal proceeding against the company must commence no later than 6 months after the travel services have been completed

Airline Clause
Concerned airlines and their agents and affiliates are not to be held responsible for any act, occurrence, or events during the time passengers are not on board their aircraft. The passenger ticket constitutes the sole contract between the airlines and purchaser of these tickets and/or passengers. The passenger contracts in use by the airlines or transportation companies when used shall constitute the sole contract between the airline, the transportation company, and passenger or purchaser of tour/travel. The tour operators assume no responsibility in this connection. Transportation within the United States may be provided by any member carrier of ARC.

Travelers will need to maintain a current, valid passport throughout their entire trip when traveling abroad. Please contact your destination country's nearest consulate for updated details on visa requirements. Costs of visas and border crossing fees are the traveler’s responsibility.

Smoking is not permitted in transportation vehicles operated by Key Tours. Frequent stops are made so that smoke breaks may be taken outside of the vehicles.

Age Requirements for Tour Participants
Children under the age of 5 and unaccompanied minors under the age of 18 will not be accepted on these tours.

Porterage for one suitcase is included in the tour price. Due to limited coach capacity, the single bag should not exceed the dimensions of 30”x18”x10” and not weigh more than 50lbs (23kg). A charge of $5 per traveling day is collected by the tour director for each additional piece of baggage, or if the suitcase exceeds established weight and/or dimension limitations.

Brochure and Website Disclaimer
Key Tours International is not responsible for any typographical or printing errors.

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