Altmarkt-Galerie Dresden

You can find over 200 shops, cafes, restaurants and everything in between in the Altmarkt-Galerie Dresden. If you want to experience everything Dresden has to offer shopaholics, you won't even need to leave this shopping mall.


Chocolate, that's what you'll smell, see and taste once you step foot in Camondas. High quality pralines, truffles and hot chocolate is what the shop is known for among locals. They even offer a chocolate tasting which takes you from the cocoa bea...

Chocolaterie am Fliederhof

Chocolaterie am Fliederhof offers artisan local chocolates that melt in your mouth. They use the best cocoa and that's something that can be tasted. Enjoy the idyllic garden and you'll have one of the best chocolate experiences of your life.

Elbepark Dresden

You can find plenty of quirky shops in this shopping centre. There is even a mustard shop where you can choose from 300 kinds of mustard and other condiments, or a wood shop where you can find handcrafted pieces of art made entirely out of wood.