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Adriaan de Smaakmaker

Taste sensations you just have to try! The tastiest Maastricht souvenirs: mustards, jams, chutneys, dressings, mayonnaises, and much more. All of it artisan-made and organic.


The smells of fresh-baked bread and vlaai. You just can’t walk past that smell of fresh-baked spelt bread and Limburg’s favourite sweet tart, ‘vlaai’, without stopping in here!

Bookshop Dominicanen

Heavenly bookshop. Spectacular old church, and thankfully preserved as a bookshop due to the efforts of the people of Maastricht. Great coffee as well.

De Joffers

Fashion size 42 and up. An institution famous in Maastricht and beyond. Come by and discover for yourself that plus sizes don’t have to mean dressing out of style. Fashion consultants can offer honest, sound advice. Just give it a try, because if ...