Farmers' Market

Artisan cheese (unpasteurised Camembert), fresh bell peppers, aromatic fruits, and fresh fish on Fridays makes the Ferias del Argicultor a favourite spot. The Amish jams and pastries, fresh coconut...

House of Cigars

The handmade Premium Cigars at House of Cigars are prepared from selected long-leaf tobacco and imported from the best Caribbean crops. A strict quality control assures that all their products foll...

Jass Surf Shop

A wide variety of surf gear is available for sale and rental at Jass Surf Shop. The company also provides surf tours and classes. You can browse their catalogue and order online.

Jungle Avenue

Locally sourced clothes, swimwear and accessories made for both women and men is what you'll find at Jungle Avenue. Their products are multifunctional, convertible and made from natural fabrics.

Meli Melo Boutique

Unique souvenirs can be purchased at Meli Melo Boutique: you can find a large array of pillows, aprons, table runners, purses, lamps and make-up bags in hand-painted designs featuring marine life a...


If you're looking for souvenirs, you'll find plenty of beach towels, beachwear, and handmade jewellery at Regálame. Also craft works, clothing, and original paintings and prints can be found here.