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Breite Gasse / Karolinenstraße

Breite Gasse and Karolinenstraße are the heart of the Nuremberg shopping district. Here, you’ll find all sorts of established shops and large department stores. Younger shoppers are also catered for, thanks to well-known chains such as H&M, Görtz,...

Craftmen's Courtyard

Step into the Craftsmen's Courtyard and you'll soon catch a whiff of the delicious scent of Nuremberg bratwurst, gingerbread and other specialties of Franconian cuisine. The medieval feel of the narrow lanes, shops and half-timbered huts makes thi...

Franken - Center Nürnberg

The Franken-Center, situated in the city’s southern Langwasser district, is the largest shopping centre in northern Bavaria. With a variety of promotions, exhibitions and events, it draws more than a million people through its doors each year.


If you’re outside the city centre, why not visit the shops in the Gostenhof district? It’s renowned for its small quaint shops and boutiques, art dealers and studios. You’re sure to find something unique here.