City Farmers' Market

Pula’s bustling central market is built in the heart of the city and is home to a wide range of modern and traditional shops. Under the glass arches of the 19th century iron framed covered market, ...

Flanaticka Street

For well-known brands and clothes stores you can visit Flanaticka street. This area is full of shops, so do not be afraid to go off course.

Giardini Street

Giardini is the main street in Pula and can be compared to Las Ramlas in Barcelona. Here you can find shops, people, cafes and good buys among the numerous markets stalls.

Konzum Mall

Outside of town on the way to the airport, Konzum Mall is home to a wide range of affordable, ready to wear international brands and electronics stores.

Sergijevaca and Kandlerova Streets

If you want to walk around and browse small, cosy shops you can visit the Sergijevaca and Kandlerova streets. These are the perfect streets to find souvenirs and to just stroll around.

Traditional Handicrafts

Traditional handicrafts can be bought from a number of souvenir shops near the Arch of the Sergeii, and there is an annual handicrafts festival held in the Portarata square every summer.