Genena City

Genena City is a recent addition to the city's shopping scene. With its stores, boutiques and entertainment options, this mall will surely keep you occupied for quite a while.

Il Mercato

A great spot not only for shopping, but also going on an evening promenade - the atmosphere is much more relaxed than at other Sharm malls, and the architecture of the mall is nice to look at.

La Strada Mall

Not only a variety of stores and boutiques, but also plenty of cafes to sit down for a quick break await you at this shopping center. Don't be hesitant to bargain - it is well expected.

Old Market

Bargain hunters should go to the Old Market in down town Sharm, which is also the best location in the area to buy classical Egyptian souvenirs. Why not buy a traditional water pipe here?

Secret of Egypt

Secret of Egypt is the place to go if you're looking to shop for natural cosmetics of all kinds, be it body oils, creams or perfumes. The owner himself frequently advises shoppers, and the quality ...

SOHO Square

Shop till you drop in one of Sharm's biggest shopping areas, with multiple boutiques selling everything from clothing to jewelry. Plenty of dining options are also available.