Au Crocodile

Glamour and elegance dominate in this Alsatian-French haute cuisine restaurant. The chef has worked privately for French presidents, so the standards at the restaurants are as high as the prices.

Chez Yvonne

A "winstub" is a typical Alsatian restaurant, with local dishes. Chez Yvonne is probably the most famous one of Strasbourg. The service is friendly and the portions generous.

L'Ancienne Douane

L'Ancienne Douane serves traditional cuisine, like the place itself and the waiters, who are all dressed in Alsatian costumes. If the weather permits and if there is room, take a seat on the balcon...

Le Buerehiesel

Located in a reconstructed farmhouse right in the middle of beautiful and lush Parc de l'Orangerie, this great restaurant offers some of the best Alsatian cuisine in Strasbourg, as well as seafood....

Le Relais de la Poste

With one star in the prestigious "Guide Michelin," this restaurant is one of the best for discerning gourmets. Their dishes are refined each season and the sommelier will help you with which wine g...

Les Deux Gourmandes

Les Deux Gourmandes - the two gourmets - has a warm family atmosphere. Enjoy the cosy interior along with the wide variety of local dishes.

Bars & Nightlife

Académie de la Bière

Welcome to this bar, restaurant, and club. L’Académie de la Bière always has a good clientele trying their many beers.

Au Camionneur

Concerts, one-man shows and stage improvisations are common in this trendy club. They have many types of wines and beers.

Bar Exils

Exils is a fantastic student bar, with everything you'd expect from such an establishment: darts, pool and nice, cheap beer.

Champagne Bar

With sixty different types of champagne, this bar and lounge, ideally located in Petite France, is your best bet to drink prestigious champagne.

Jeannette et les Cycleux

Jeannette et les Cycleux has a special atmosphere with an antique red moped attached to the wall. It will plunge you into the 60s and 70s spirit.


L’épicerie is a beautifully decorated old bar, which has several local wines and singular syrups. French music is never far away and sets the perfect mood for a lovely evening.



Atlantico is hard to miss as it is located on a red boat. This café is a popular place with very affordable prices and delicious sweets.

Café de l’Opéra

This is a chic place close to the opera. Café de l’Opéra is perfect for eating French pastries and drinking fresh fruit juices.


Everything is for sale in this special place, where artists come to have a drink. If you haven’t got enough money to pay, you can also barter one of your belongings.