Cathedral St Gatien

The beautiful stained glass windows illuminate Cathedral St Gatien. This majestic building includes Romanesque, Gothic, and Renaissance architecture, a real gem for everyone interested in architect...

Cloister of la Psalette

In these lovely Gothic-Renaissance cloisters, an elaborate open-sided staircase spirals up to elegant galleries. The round tower alongside was part of the city’s Roman wall.

Hotel de Ville

Not at all a hotel, but rather Tours' City Hall, this imposing edifice is a must-see architectural landmark. Lit up by night, the building and the fountain complex next to it make for a somewhat ma...

Hôtel Goüin / Musée Archéologique

Hôtel Goüin / Musée Archéologique is home of a 15th-century silk merchant and a masterpiece of ornate, lavish Renaissance decoration inside and out. This is Tours’ main historical museum.

Jardin Botanique de Tours

Except for the greenhouses and lush greenery in the summer months, this Botanical Garden also houses a mini-zoo (which will surely delight the little ones), as well as many picnic-perfect areas.

Musée des Beaux Arts

At Musée des Beaux Arts you can find works by Rubens, Rembrandt, Degas and Delacroix, all gathered here in the old Archbishops’ Palace. In the courtyard there is a 200-year-old tree and a 100-year-...