Abu Dhabi Mall

Among the best shopping malls in the city is the Abu Dhabi Mall, where you can shop for just about anything from big brand names to more affordable fashion labels.

Al Ain Souk

This is the city's "Old Souk", an authentic shopping street where you're never too far from a bargain, with the right amount of persistence in haggling, of course.

Borders Bookstore

This compact bookstore includes a variety of English-language books neatly organised and easy to navigate.

City Mall

The City Mall, which is located in the north of the city, near the Mosque Gardens, and is a great place to find traditional crafts.

Marina Mall

The Marina Mall, in The Corniche, is another excellent mall located on the waterfront. Shopping and entertainment options abound.

Mina Fish Market

Going to the local fish market could become an entertaining break from shopping malls during your stay in Abu Dhabi: come here to stock up on fresh seafood and marvel at extraordinary marine creatu...