Barberino Designer Outlet

Barberino Designer Outlet is the perfect shopping destination just 30 minutes from Florence. Here you can find 200 of the most luxurious designer fashion brands up to 70% less. With cafés, restaurants and tax free shopping available, there’s every...

Bottega Veneta

Leather leather leather, it is almost a guarantee to walk out with a beautiful bag or a lovely pair of shoes when visiting this boutique. This brand also features a dangerously lovely home and furniture line.

Centro Borgo

Just outside the city, you can find Centro Borgo, the commercial centre of Bologna. It opened in 1989 and offers, except for shopping, free parking, restaurants and events. Here you can buy everything from fashion, accessories to jewellery and ele...

Centro Nova

The large shopping centre Centro Nova, renovated in 2008, is ideally located and offers 65 shops, ranging from fashion to food. The solar panels on the roof generate all the electricity.