Anatomical Theatre

The Anatomical Theatre is a former classroom where they used to teach anatomy. The interiors with all the carved wooden sculptures are just magnificent, and it is hard to believe that someone actually used to study here.

Anatomy Museum

The anatomy museum, Museo Delle Cere Anatomiche, is both fascinating and scary. The displays consist of wax models, body parts and diseases. Be prepared to walk into the, probably, most macabre museum you have ever been to.

Basilica di Santo Stefano

This extraordinary religious site consists of four medieval churches, originally there were seven churches, and therefore it is known by the name of Sette Chiese (Seven Churches). Beside churches, this peaceful complex contains of cloisters, tombs...

Basilica of San Domenico

Built in 1238, this is the birthplace of the Dominican order and the resting place of the remains of its founder. It is one of the richest churches in Bologna when it comes to history and art. The small museum houses art and precious relics like t...