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Grand Bazaar

An immense bazaar selling all kinds of items, food and gifts. Immerse yourself in the crowd and among locals as you browse the various stalls. If you're not a fan of crowds it is advised to go very early or towards closing time.

Homemade By Rachel

A cute store that sells various kinds of handcrafted gifts and other decorative items. Drop by and browse her selection, you can be certain it will be something you remember, whether you decide to bring home some gifts or not.

Marmaris Thursday Market

Another grand marketplace within Marmaris comparable to the bazaar. Expect to find a lot of unique things, mostly handcrafted, at cheap prices. Just be sure you know how to barter and you might walk away with a good profit.

Netsel Marina

Netsel marina is basically a shopping centre. If you stroll around you will find leisure clothes and exclusive designer labels for sailing a swell as souvenir shops.